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BOYCOTT VAMPIRA THE MOVIE (please repost) updated info

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by Montgomery Brando
(a Horror Drunx Exclusive)

There has been some buzz about this documentary since the death of Maila Nurmi a.k.a. Vampira... Mostly perpetuated by the films maker. But let me give you the REAL skinny on this film...
Vampira The Movie? FUCK THAT.
Have you not read the expose articles on this film? They have been out since May of 2007. Some of them are in the blogs of my page. Vampira The Movie is a sham, perpetuated by a liar and a thief. The maker of Vampira The Movie, Kevin Sean Michaels, LIED to Maila Nurmi, telling her that it was to be a documentary about Ed Wood. His reasons for this were many... 1. Because she probably would not have agreed to be in in otherwise. 2. So that he would not have to pay her as much. 3. Because the biggest thief of the Vampira legacy, Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira was involved and had Maila known that she would have gone no place near it.
And showing no respect, Kevin Sean Michaels has only gone into overdrive since the death of Maila Nurmi... A shameless self promoter, arriving to even raffle Vampira The Movie items off at a Plan 9 screening meant to raise money for her memorial fund.
Maila did not endorse of support this film in any way after she found out the truth. She was horrified. Now, Kevin Sean Michaels apparently has plans to try and film Maila's memorial service so he can tack it onto the DVD and re-issue it as a special edition. That is just unthinkable!
Kevin Sean Michaels is the lowest form of scum. DO NOT endorse this picture. Boycott it in the memory of Maila Nurmi. Let her rest in peace.


Send your letters of protest to the film maker himself at:
And via his website:

Perhaps MOST importantly, spread the word and educate others by going to the websites for and where they are selling this piece of trash film. Then post this information and perhaps even this article in the reviews section and give it a bad rating.

ALSO: Apparently this film has been nominated for some award at the Rondo awards. Contact them and give them all the reasons that this film should be DISQUALIFIED and REMOVED from the write-in ballot...

"My name is Montgomery Brando and I am a Horror Drunx"

Montgomery Brando
Hollywood, California
February 6, 2008

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